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Mihi’s Place won a number of  business awards which recognizes and rewards outstanding performance and achievements in both Māori and non Māori,  achieving these shows that business women are changing lives for their whanau not just themselves. Mihi’s Place won the Aotea Regional award for 2019, also was announced winner of the international Travel & Hospitality award for Excellence in treatments of the year for NZ Taranaki 2020 and 2022 won the International Travel & Hospitality award for Best Day spa of the year award.

Our Stories are always changing however the beginning will remain the same, as with mine Mihi's Place, has taken many years to develop in fact all my life. Like most people I started not really knowing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I had worked in a number of different areas.  And it wasn’t until I returned home to Taranaki, New Zealand that I figured out what I needed to do, I was a young mum and I knew I had to make some positive changes for myself and my children, so I return back into education eventually gaining a number of qualification and becoming the first  Māori women and only second women in New Zeaand to recieve a degee in therapeutic modalities via cross credits.   I joined kapahaka learning waiata, te reo and tikanga .  It was really during that time I learnt about me and who I was as a Māori women and what it meant to be a Māori women as I was raised in a very different world to the one I was currently experiencing.  I came home to heal, to grow and totally take control of my destiny.

During my first hīkoi for kapahaka on a bus heading to Tūrangawaewae Marae, Ngāruawāhia, Waikato, New Zealand. That changed my direction in which my life was heading during this time some of our Kaumātua and Kuia that had come with us from all over Taranaki, our old people know their saw in me something I didn’t know even existed, they knew it was going to have a major impact  and change not only in my life but the lives of so many.

As we return home to Taranaki, I was told rather than asked to come and have a look at something, tell us what you think, give it a go and who knows you might just like it.  I didn't know what that was until I arrived at my Marae on my mums side,  Toroanui Parihaka Pa  .  I went into the Kote Mahi Ku Are, beside the bay window was a massage tables draped with blankets and a pillow and  i saw my mum she was covered her eyes closed and having a healing. it was so beautiful to watch as her skin color changed and she looked so relaxed, healthy and totally at peace within her self. that was the moment that changed my life forever and the start of my journey in the realm of Māori healing, that was the day my destiny found me and I knew I wanted to learn this amazing art that links us though whakapapa, and so I was taken under their wings and shown the act of Traditional Māori Healing Haumiri, Mirimiri, Romiromi, Honohono, Whitiwhiti Korero, Rongoā Rākau, Mahi Wairua, Karakia and so, so much more.  Over time I was sent off to learn from others outside of the Taranaki Region I learnt the different tikanga, learning so much and filling up my kete of knowledge.

When I look back, I am a very lucky and honored person as I learnt the old way not in a class room not with text books but I learnt on the marae, in the bush, in people’s homes, up the river, in the middle of no where. I did and have study Rongoā. And have many tohu to the different forms of healing.  But the old ways will always be my first choice. so i must thank and acknowledge all those who helped nurture me on my journey within this beautiful kaupapa that has been handed down, which has an integrated system linked through whakapapa, which contains all of the vital elements Wairua - Spiritual, Mana - Power, Mauri - Life Force, Tapu - Sacred, Noa - Without restraints and Aroha – Love. and links you to your higher self and tūpuna.

My journey has taken me many places, but for now, I would like to welcome you to Mihi’s Place a Traditional Māori and Contemporary healing clinic offering a range of treatments that will cater to your needs. As with all the running around and hecticness of everyday life, we all need an opportunity to slow down and rejuvenate.  Here at Mihi's Place the focus is on providing treatments that deliver noticeable results.  I have some amazing highly qualified professional therapists who will help when needed, who are passionate about my unique approach to therapy and customer experiences, So trust me your soul will thank you for it.  All product are all 100% all-natural handcrafted products made right here at Mihi’s Place, all ingredients sourced locally when possible.

Mihi's Place offers three individual weekend workshops in
· Haumiri/Romiromi
· Honohono
· Rongoā Rākau
Giving the participants, hands on experience and on completion of each area a Certificate in Rongoā Māori Appreciation.  Prices vary for each of the workshops. 

Please take a look at the shop as there is a range of 100% all natural handcrafted Rongoā Rākau and contemporary products that you are able to purchase, either as a gift or for yourself,  remedies for all ailments, for all skin types and all ages. Find out more about the Crystal Drinking Bottles available for purchase. I hope to see you soon.

Kia tau te rangimarie ki runga i a koutou

Naaku Noa Mihi

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm
Mihis Place is a semi-mobile service with locations in different areas during the weekdays.
83b Parklands Ave
Bell Block, New Plymouth, New Zealand
[email protected]
Speak to Mihi as appointments by arrangement can be made after hours.
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