Crystal Drink Bottle - Citrine


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Imagine taking a hydrating sip of water from your (100% natural) crystal-infused drink bottle.

Each different crystal provides a different function and different energy emitted to perform a role in the human body, and we have a whole range to choose from.
Natural crystals are formed under natural conditions and grow deep in the earth’s crust. They usually undergo intense crustal movements such as volcanoes and earthquakes. The natural crystal is a mineral resource, very rare and precious.
Crystals promote natural health, wellness, concentration & spiritual growth.
This is an excellent gift to yourself or friends and family.


Happiness, joy & light.

Derived from the French word “citron”, meaning lemon, this crystal’s vibe is anything but sour!

Sweet is the essence of this gem. Its sunny attitude cultivates energy that is fertile for growth. It energizes the solar plexus chakra to radiate power, centeredness, confidence and endurance. It dispels nervous emotion, helping the digestive system, such as the intestines and stomach, promote wealth and helps calm the mood. Stable career development, similar to wealth frequency, can bring financial luck.

Please note every crystal is unique, like us.

Some crystals have natural cotton wadding, ice cracks, minor defects and artificial damages caused by grinding; there may also be minor differences in the size.

Each bottle capacity is 550mls, size 26cm*7cm Natural Quartz & 304 SS & Glass net weight is about 480g


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