Crystal Drink Bottle - Lapis Lazuli


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Imagine taking a hydrating sip of water from your (100% natural) crystal-infused drink bottle.

Each different crystal provides a different function and different energy emitted to perform a role in the human body, and we have a whole range to choose from.
Natural crystals are formed under natural conditions and grow deep in the earth’s crust. They usually undergo intense crustal movements such as volcanoes and earthquakes. The natural crystal is a mineral resource, very rare and precious.
Crystals promote natural health, wellness, concentration & spiritual growth.
This is an excellent gift to yourself or friends and family.

Lapis Lazuli

Truth, Awareness & Wisdom.

Realise your spiritual potential with the high vibrational energy of Lapis Lazuli. Full of the wisdom and awareness that this stone brings, your soul will be ready to embark on a journey of awakening. Strive toward enlightenment as you pursue your true destiny, leaving pettiness and stress behind. This is a powerful stone for broadening your understanding and should be used especially by those with self-expression and self-awareness issues. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought-after stones since man’s history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honour, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

Please note every crystal is unique, like us.

Some crystals have natural cotton wadding, ice cracks, minor defects and artificial damages caused by grinding; the size may also be slight differences.

Each bottle capacity is 550mls, size 26cm*7cm Natural Q.


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