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Kawakawa Eye Mister


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Kawakawa (Macropier Excelsum) With the heart shaped leaf, it is often the easiest rākau to identify. Māori have used this rau for years as an internal tonic and also an external healer.

Can be used with the Kawakawa Eye Drops or my its self. Kawakawa Eye demister relieving symptoms of eye allergies (allergic conjunctivitis), eg caused by hay fever, pet allergies or dust mite allergies.

A more severe form of allergic conjunctivitis called 'vernal kerato conjunctivitis. This Kawakawa Eye demister is suitable for all age groups

How do I use it?

Spray should be put into each eye four times a day, or as directed by your do.It may take a few days for your symptoms to be fully relieved by using both the Kawakawa Eye demister and Kawakawa eye drops, so if possible it is best to start using them before you are exposed to the allergen. You can continue to use this medicine daily to control your symptoms for as long as you are exposed to the allergen, for example throughout the pollen season. However, if you need to use the drops continuously for longer than three months you should get advice from your doctor or pharmacist.


You should not wear contact lenses while you are using these Kawakawa Eye demister.

This is for use in the eyes will not harm you if placed in the mouth.

Kawakawa Eye demister may cause your vision to blur temporarily after you have put the drops in your eyes. Do not drive or operate machinery until this has worn off.

These Kawakawa Eye demister should be discarded four weeks after the bottle is first opened. This is because after this time they could be contaminated with dirt or germs that could cause eye infections. Write the date of opening on the bottle so you know when to throw them away.

Ingredients: Kawakawa leaves, Plant Extract and Spring Water


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