Heated Saltwater Jet Pool

Puna Wera

Heated Saltwater Jet Pool

Puna Wera

About the Treatment

It’s essential to take some time out after a busy day, just for you. We know the ultimate way to unwind—by taking a dip in our private heated salt water jet pool.

Ahhhhhh… the bliss of sliding down into the heated private crystal-clear salt swimming pools, allowing the soothing hot water to wash over you and feel your worries wash away. The salted water will leave you feeling good and won’t dry your skin out as a standard chlorine pool will.

So why don’t you come and slip in either relax and soak in the warmth or do some serious swimming or aqua jogging with push-button Swim Jets? Great way to build up your strength and an excellent way to lose weight and build up your fitness levels. What better way than in private. Great for all-year-round swimming enjoyment, regardless of the climate we face here in Taranaki, as the pool is set for a range of temperatures depending on the season

A soak is just the beginning. After a rejuvenating dip, restore your mind, body and spirit with a luxury massage or treatment.


Book yourself or come along with a friend and enjoy the benefits of relaxation together.


  • Swim - per person $15.00


  • Swim - per person $25.00


  • Swim & Vibrosaun $65.00

    30-minutes in pool

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