ACC Treatments

He Kaupare. He Manaaki. He Whakaora.

ACC Treatments

He Kaupare. He Manaaki. He Whakaora.

About the Treatment

Mihi’s Place wants to help you and those recovering from an accident or injury to have access to the right level of support and treatments at the right time. Mihi’s Place would like to introduce a range of treatments and ways to help you. We use a range of therapies and treatments based on our unique techniques. With variations in pressure, we work to treat your ailment and help you to heal and reach your new potential.

We can also assist in healing therapies where a Sensitive Claim has been approved by ACC. We integrate a traditional Māori system linked through whakapapa, which contains all of the vital elements, without restraints, this healing method can help activate your energies and link you to your higher self and tūpuna. Improve and maintain wellness by balancing your body’s energy system.


Telehealth is now an option that we have developed in recent times for people who cannot access the clinic. We are able to meet over the phone or via zoom.


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