Infrared Sauna

Hihi Pōkaka Kōruhu

Infrared Sauna

Hihi Pōkaka Kōruhu

About the Treatment

Unlike steam saunas, which heat the body with moist heat, infrared works by heating the body directly with dry heat. Infrared heat creates a cardiovascular workout for the body while removing heavy metals and toxins.

Here are a few of the ways using our Infrared Sauna could help you:

  • relief from muscle pain and soreness
  • clear your pores
  • detoxification
  • reducing stress
  • increasing cardiovascular health
  • assists with sleep


The sauna can dehydrate you so it is important not to consume alcohol prior to the sauna and keep up good water consumption post sauna. If you’ve experienced low or high blood pressure or have had a heart attack, it’s advised that you talk to your doctor before using a sauna.


  • Consultation & Infrared Saua $50.00

    1-hour Session

  • Infrared Sauna & Swim $65.00

    1-hour 10 minute Session

  • Infrared Sauna & Massage $135.00

    1 Hour 10 minute Session

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